Sophistication and elegance are set on an undulated misty range of colours.providing walls, blacksplashes, bathrooms, living rooms, restaurants... an elegant space. Responding to the most avant-garde trend of elegant styling, the subtle relief throughout the designs helps reflect light, accentuating the dimensional appearance. Further decorative metro tile style coming alive in our exlusive size 15x40.Backsplash, Baths…
  • Wall Tiles
  • Thickness 9mm
  • Brightness
  • Slight relief


  • 15x40
Forever White Forever White
Forever Grey Forever Grey
Forever Dark Forever Dark
Forever Cream Forever Cream
Forever Nocturne Forever Nocturne
Forever Turquoise Forever Turquoise
Forever Grafic White Forever Grafic White
Forever Flower White Forever Flower White
Forever Grafic Cream Forever Grafic Cream