A ceramic tile collection designed and made for awaking unexpected sensations. Hydra Collection mix the taste of the authentic, the taste of the artisan, with the taste of the modern. Hydra is a ceramic tile collection inspired on the traditional hydraulic tiles but with a touch more vintage. It is composed of different tile designs in high quality and with geometrical motifs and low shadow effects.
  • Wall Tiles
  • Floor tiles
  • Gres tiles
  • Thickness 9mm
  • Matt
  • Low Shade
  • Original Hydraulic Size


  • 20x20
Hydra L1 Gris Hydra L1 Gris
Hydra L2 Gris Hydra L2 Gris
Hydra L3 Gris Hydra L3 Gris
Hydra L10 Gris Hydra L10 Gris