Each year the Spanish tile industry gathers at Cevisama
in Valencia to showcase innovative surfaces and the
latest technologies. Here’s a round-up of fresh ideas
for floors and walls.
Deconstructed squares
Experimenting with the geometrical possibilities of the square
affords a designer unlimited opportunities to create dramatic
effects for surfaces. Deconstructed Squares are a dominant
design theme. Whether cut-up and rearranged, scratched with
fine lines or pressed into moulds to create dynamic 3D forms,
the square tile can be reimagined in countless exciting ways.
Terrazzo with a twist
Terrazzo isn’t what it was! Giant flecks, unusual colours or
geometric patterns that have been over-layered with marble
pieces, it has been reinvented in fascinating ways. Numerous
brands have created designs that nod at traditional terrazzo,
but take a contemporary spin. Another key development
enables larger-format versions – including a generous 360cm
x 120cm slab size – as well as a wider variety of unexpected
smaller formats. Classic heritage-style terrazzo remains in
many portfolios – a look that typically has tiny chips of marble
or stone set in a cementitious ground – but innovations within
the form are a key theme.
Faded splendour
When pattern is called for but in a more subtle iteration the
faded or rubbed out aesthetic, in which a pattern is often
interrupted or smudged, is ideal for adding character – without
relying on the heavily rusted or distressed finishes of recent
years. Spanish manufacturers have embraced this directional
style, exploring digital printing to the full.
Carefully constructed
Inspiration for tile design comes from many places, but a
notable source this year is the construction yard or the skills
and techniques used by the building trade. Whether it’s
shuttered concrete, chipboard, plaster, building blocks or just
the pattern made on an exterior wall when façade tiles are
removed, décor tiles reminiscent of these materials or
processes are part of a fresh offering from Spain, to create
disruptive yet appealing backdrops for both commercial and
residential interiors.
Modern encaustic
Cevisama revealed that the hydraulic cement-effect remains at
a peak of popularity but there were many modern takes on this
look, marking a shift from the heritage feel traditionally
associated with this style. Variations on the encaustic theme
combine multiple patterns in unexpected ways, such as
overlaying motifs on wood grain or adopting zeitgeist colours
such as dusky pink, grey, forest green, denim blue. Alternatively,
the application of a more neutral palette immediately gives this
look a more contemporary spin.
About Tile of Spain
Tile of Spain is the voice of the Spanish tile industry, encompassing
more than 120 tile manufacturers. Renowned worldwide for an
inspiring blend of aesthetic and technical innovation, Spanish
tiles draw on a rich heritage of skill and creativity, while
remaining at the cutting edge of design. Manufactured in Spain
and widely available in the UK, these products embody the
spirit of an industry that prides itself on proposing beautiful,
meaningful and high-performance solutions to flooring, wall
coverings, furnishing and external paving and cladding.

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