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In Cas we are specialists in decorative Ceramics. Almost 100 years of tradition provide us of experience and professionalism placing us at the highest international level of decorative ceramics.


Our success is the result of an extremely care in the productive process of ceramics. We keep the same secret handcrafted techniques used over 100 years and on top of these we use the most upgraded decorative digital techniques worldwide.

Mixing different textures, high and low reliefs covering the whole tile, intense colours (only reachable through handcrafted techniques), incomparable matts and shines…. Thanks to Cas experience we are able to achieve such results and much more.


Small and compatible sizes, with a unique guaranteed caliber. Ceramic is more useful when it is proportional to space. For almost a century CAS bets on small sizes, the original ones. Every collection is ruled by three numbers: 15, 20 and 40. This numbers bring together three sizes —15×15, 20×20 and 15×40 centimeters— they make easier placing ceramics and the possibility of creating multiple decorations. In addition, these three sizes assure you the compatibility of all our ceramic tiles, no matter the collections, designs or faces. In this sense, Cas counts also with a guaranted unique caliber, for all tiles and for all collections. Different calibers —the real tile size— do not exist in Cas, because they could be a problem for the placement, combination or construction’s continuity. Every piece, every collection, have a unique caliber due to our production techniques.

Thick ceramic. Say goodbye to collections made up of base tile, decor tile, coordinated wall and floor tiles… Cas Ceramica makes ceramic with the same thickness, no matter the collection, design or size. Our ceramic tiles are suitable for floors and walls due to their high mechanic resistance, provided by their thickness. Since we don’t want to put barriers around imagination, nor tell you where you have to place each ceramic tile, we guarantee thanks to thickness —as well as the continuity of sizes and the unique caliber —free placement of tiles, no matter if you want them to decorate walls, floors, ceilings or wardrobes. We think beyond floors and walls, bases and decors… we think of decorating a space. All our tiles decor by themselves.


Extreme 3D reliefs, added materials, colour intensity, mixed textures, effects, bright or/and matt effects… Nothing is impossible if we are talking about decorative ceramic.

Decorative multi-technology. The combination of various technologies give us the extreme avant-garde technology at very high decorative levels. On the one hand our production cycle is based in technologies that were already used in the first factories of the family in 1920, on the other hand production is very focused as well in the latest and most innovative digital techniques. Decorative multi-technology makes possible technical features (such as thickness, unique caliber or small sizes), quality and sophisticated finishes.

Decorating, decorating and decorating. Cas makes decorative ceramic. Our artesanal ceramic is one of our highest decorative tile. A tile of authentic ceramic made in the original size 14×28 and produced in a traditional artisan way. The authentic ceramic is featured by the intensity of the colours, only able to be produced by a limited number. Indeed, our bet goes beyond original artisan tile’s concepts. Our large experience allows us to see the very high potential that traditional tiles have inside contemporary styles. In this way we want to encourage you to enjoy avant-garde placements in places that you could have never imagined.


Limited production. Cas is more for many reasons. One of the reasons is because Cas is less. Why less? Less but selective. We follow our own philosophy. We do not look for mass productions but for quality and perfection in order to achieve incomparable unique decorative ceramics. Our collections are limited and exclusive, due to their high added value. We select with care our distributors around the whole world. We take care of details from the initials phases until the final step. Our aim is to assure a customized treatment.

Ceramic was born to decorate. Cas ceramic is thought, designed, made and distributed to serve to this purpose. Raising quality standards inside the market, with an upmarket product, unique and with a very competitive price is compulsory for such aim.

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