David Carson, the guru of design, “the art director of the era” (Creative Review), “he changed the public face of graphic design” (Newsweek), “the most googled graphic designer in history, even surpassing some well known fine artists” (Eye Magazine), “He significantly influenced a generation to embrace typography as an expressive medium” (New York Times).

He, the unique one, for the first time ever in his career path has designed a decorative ceramic collection for the Spanish company CAS Cerámica. This collaboration is the result of mixing the talent of this designer and the interest of the Spanish company to get added value to their ceramic collections.

Discover why David Carson is the best designer!

This high quality collection designed by Carson is thought to decorate the most demanded places around the world. Like the rest of CAS’ Collections, Carson’s collection is extremely decorative. The artist talks about his collection like a “fresh” product.

His new work will be showed for the first time at the international fair CEVISAMA (Valencia, Spain). “I’m extremely happy with this new work! I already have so many ideas for more, and can’t wait to see how people use my first collection. My formal education is in sociology, and will be extremely interested to see how people apply them in their living spaces. Living, loving. Laughing”, says Carson.

He recognized that his environment inspired him to design this collection: “The tiles were created at my house in the Caribbean, with windy days of sun and surf [he has been in the ranking of the best surfers], the ever changing moods of the ocean, moon, sun , stars, nature. Enjoy them with this spirit”.

He also confesses that he is very happy with this new kind of art: “I love the idea that people will not just be turning the page in a magazine after seeing the work, but will be living with it in some small way. Working in 3d was different for me, and I imagined the rooms they might live in much like I might design a magazine spread. What must they complement and work with? What else might be in the room? How can they interact with their new home in a pleasing way. It was quite a learning experience for me, and I’m very happy with the results. I feel people can have some unique fine art in their tiles now. And I’m honored to be approached by CAS for this collaboration”.

About his work, Carson assures he is satisfied with the results: “I don’t come from a tile background, my collection is fresh. I also like the idea that people can change how they see and use the tiles, how and where they put them up, it will impact how they look and feel. Users should know that a lot of love, thought and fun went into this collection, and because it is personal, and not something automatic, that the potential for enjoyment in their use is possibly higher than for some more typical tiles”.