Mision and vision


Far away from massive general products, CAS tiles are thought, designed, engineered and manufactured thinking on the end user: the decorator. For architects, interior designers, or simply an owner who wants to redecorate her/his stays.., we CAS have squeezed the possibilities of ceramics as a decorative element.

CAS limited production and its fine distribution network worldwide, assures to every customer anywhere in the world to have access to our products, but also provides of the acquisition of an exclusive tile.

CAS’s decorative ceramic is composed of 5 features which make it unique:

  1. Small and compatible sizes with a unique caliber guaranteed. Our proportional small sizes guarantee a perfect placement and offer thousand of possibilities such as degraded colours, mosaics and multiple combinations.
  2. We made 9mm thickness tiles in order to get a high mechanical resistance.
  3. A unique decorative multi-technologie. We keep hand crafted techniques for 100 years as well as we count on the most avant-garde decorative digital technologies.
  4. Traditional placement of ceramics are to respect, but we try to go one step ahead and suggest avant garde placements in very modern ambiences.
  5. Limited Production. CAS counts on a very selective distribution network offering a personalised service to our customers in all the steps of the chain of business relationships.


The future of Cas is to achieve maximum perfection in design, manufacturing, distribution and placement of decorative ceramics.

To achieve a product useful for the decorator in every possible way is our ultimate goal and our reason for being. For this purpose, in Cas Ceramics we have spent years investing and improving our decorative processes and we will always keep working following this goal.

As a benchmark of decorative ceramics Cas moves every day to bring our vision to the market.

Placed in the framework of handcraft ceramic, CAS maintains the original sizes of a century ago and it is very in demand worldwide, remaining as one of the very few experts in this field. We fight to make tradition run through modernity. Our avant-garde suggested placements for our artisanal collections are proof of our commitment to the value of craftsmanship, always respecting traditional placements.